A Whole Lot of Nothin’

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I have another reminder, besides that picture, of extreme gratitude I have that March 1997 turned out the way that it did.  I have an 8 inch scar that runs diagonal across my stomach.  It is a pretty obvious reminder, in fact when my doctor was doing his final check on my incision he said to me “Wow you don’t scar very well”.


He was right.  It is a pretty gnarly scar, very Frankenstein-esque.  I’ll show you sometime.

Oh well, I guess no bikini’s for me…shucks.

A few years ago my friend from Arkansas put this picture up on Facebook.  Now she is an actual cancer survivor not just a cancer dodger like myself

lion scar

Now we all have scars some you can see some you can’t  but I hope they can be seen as badges of courage.  Reminders of how strong we really are.  It all is a matter of perspective.

Easier said than done…trust me I know.

Well that is a soap box-y as I am going to get today.  I have lots of thoughts about perspective and balance that I want to purge out into words, but just not today.

So what is on the agenda today you ask…

I really have no idea.

I usually decide on my blog posts during my morning run but today the June gloom was not around so the 6:00 run included a sunrise.  Enjoying the little bit of sun on my face and seeing the world in that light was occupying my mind this morning.

Probably a good thing.

So the best that I have today is to share some things that have been going on and hope that you don’t mind that it isn’t tied up into a pretty little package.

My newly found time-on-my-hands state has caused me some trepidation because I am scheduler and organizer by nature and don’t do very good with a clear calendar.  Unfortunately, I find myself happiest when I have a routine and when things are in order.

You might call me a bit of a control freak.

You can all stop rolling your eyes now.

So I am trying to keep to a routine and tackle some organizational projects.  Because if my future is not in any sort of order my house may as well be.

Last Friday I gave away boxes and bags of stuff to the ARC Foundation after we cleaned out our garage and closets.  And yesterday I tackled the closet in our spare bedroom.   I love giving away things more than the garage sale route.  I would like to think it is because I want to give but really it has more to do with the fact that I don’t like garage sales.  Household chores are getting done and Rich and I are enjoying our lazy evenings and weekends.  I really am trying to work on enjoying the lazy part.

I have also been really trying to focus on exercise and healthy eating.  I have always been a little obsessed with healthy eating and exercising because I want my body to be ready to fight any disease that would try to attack it.

OK…maybe a little more baggage than I originally thought.

Growing up in Iowa where the usual potluck table is abundant with fried chicken, goulash, macaroni and cheese, and a dozen or so “salads” that either have mayonnaise in them or on top of them has caused my eating habits to be a little skewed.  Moving to California where everyone is on some sort of health kick (and you can even get a veggie burger at a baseball game) has changed my ideas about health and fitness.  Of course, the older I get and the more I love the people in my life, the more I want to be around a long time, so that might have something to do with it as well.

I cook healthy meals and I really love fruits and vegetables, but I also really love cheesecake and pizza.

I have been running every morning except Wednesdays.  On Wednesdays I take a really long walk to my favorite coffee shop.  I am a bit of a coffee snob and this little local coffee shop has really good coffee.  It is called Dr. Conkey’s Coffee and Candy and if you are ever in Simi Valley you should stop by, after you stop by and see me of course.  Hey we can go together!!

Well that ‘s about it for today.  Lets hope my long walk tomorrow causes a little more clarity, and I have something a little more profound to talk about than mayonnaise and closets.  For now, I have a junk drawer that is calling my name, and a date with my daughter to watch some episodes of Chuck.

More Later


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