At Least it isn’t My Birthday

First I must say that upon cleaning up the jar of salsa my husband broke this morning we discovered a water leak under one of our cabinets.  Now I am not a superstitious person at all.  In fact I wish I was, then I would only have to worry about things once every fourteen months or so.  So the discovered leak, before I even had my morning coffee, happening on a Friday the 13th is just a fluke.


Secondly, my amazing sister has a birthday today.  I think that having a birthday trumps any evil forces at work today.  But I’ll start her off right with a picture I am sure she will love.

scan0001My baby sister is one of my most favorite people and she has a pretty cute kid too.  I can’t wait to see her in July and hug her neck.  Happy Birthday Kate and good luck today!!

Next off I must say I am pretty happy about the amount of controversy I caused with my anti-Costco post.  Just wait until I start blogging about politics and religion.

Just kidding.

From the comments on this blog and my Facebook page It seems my friends love their Costco.  I will concede that I have enjoyed every interaction with the employees of Costco and apparently I need to try their ice cream bars.

Lastly, I will give my friend Roger the trifecta for this week.  His comment gave me another side to Costco, he emailed me a great TED talk about body language, and he posted Jim Carrey’s MUM’s commencement address to Facebook.

I have never really followed Jim Carrey’s life.  I loved him on the sketch comedy show In Living Color and of course loved his movies.  Apparently he is a bit of a deeper guy and this was apparent as I listened to his speech.  So today, Friday the 13th I’ll leave you with some feel good quotes from his speech and some food for thought.  I’ll admit it made me think.

  • “Life doesn’t happen to you it happens for you”
  • “Beware the unloved”
  • “[Life] can be rough but don’t worry there is soft serve ice cream with sprinkles”
  • “You can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance on doing something you love”
  • “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is”
  • “Your need for acceptance can make you invisible”
  • “Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through your form.  Risk being seen in all your glory”
  • “I am always at the beginning.  I have a reset button and I ride it constantly”
  • “I see challenges as beneficial so I can deal with them in the most productive way”
  • “Take a chance on faith…hope walks through the fire but faith leaps over it”
  • “Choose love over fear”

On this Friday the 13th, my dear sister’s birthday, and as I sit here waiting for the plumber to call with my fate. I am choosing love over fear.

I hope in the coming months I can continue that trend.

More Later



2 thoughts on “At Least it isn’t My Birthday

  1. Please clarify who is in the picture and its vintage. The resemblances are strong and I have conflicting theories.

    • It is me and my sister Kate. I am probably 18 and my sister is 4. We were commenting on how she looks a lot like her daughter. I am interested to hear who you think we all look like 🙂

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