Costco and Coconut

Since I find myself not working this summer, which is something I haven’t found myself doing for…well…as long as I can remember, my life has changed a bit.  Now I realize that we are just starting day 4 of this endeavor but so far, thankfully, this has not meant that I have stayed in my pajamas all day eating bonbons on the couch while watching Jerry Springer.  Truthfully, I am not even sure what a bonbon is and if Jerry Springer is even still on TV.  In fact I gotten up at 5:15, made the bed, and gone for a run every morning, again only day 4.

I stayed home for a bit when Andrew and Bella were little and let me tell you it is very different now.  Then it was spending all my time taking care of them and trying to get things done while they were napping, and now it is making them pick up dirty socks and dishes while they sleep until noon.  Then it was games of hide-and-seek and today it is games of hide-in-their-rooms-and-don’t-come-out.

So in short it is WAY easier now.

In my mind my new situation has meant that I should be responsible for all the household chores and errands. I figure the more crappy stuff I get done while he is at work the less we have to do on the weekend. Something which I am glad to take on.  Now my husband Rich is really very happy that I am home this summer and getting a break, and has not sported any sort of dinner-should-be-on-the-table-when-I-get-home attitude.  Which is very smart of him.  In fact the other day it was garbage day and I had the cans out before he got home and he was a little upset that I did “his” job.  I am sure he’ll get over it.  All in all it has been a routine and schedule that is going nicely.

Again, only day 4.

The one chore I was dreading, in this new role I have taken on, was the monthly trip to Costco.  I am really trying to get the word “hate” out of my vocabulary but I really hate Costco.  If you know me you would know that I would be totally happy if Trader Joes and the local farmer’s market were the only places I had to go for food.  I do like my trips to Target, but I mean c’mon who doesn’t.  Costco on the other hand I could do without…forever.  Usually Rich goes with me as he doesn’t mind the experience and really we try to do all of our errands together because we, quite frankly, love to be around each other.


Yesterday I went solo.

We get three things at Costco; dog food, toilet paper, and V-8 juice.  Once a year I also go their to get my contacts.  That in and of itself is worth the $50 membership fee (paying a membership fee to purchase items is another beef I have but I’ll save that for later).  If I didn’t get my contacts there and didn’t already spend the $50 we would get those other things elsewhere, but they are really are cheaper at Costco.

Anyhoo…the things I hate about Costco:

  1. The people.  Now you think that from my other posts that I am a total people person, which is true.  However, people are really not at their best at Costco.
  2. They don’t have an express line.  I get three things…three things!! and I have to stand in line with people who have carts jammed full of jumbo jars of mayonnaise and spaghetti sauce.
  3. The carts.  They are ginormous.  I realize they need to be big when you have to buy 20 tubes of toothpaste and EVERYTHING is super-sized, but they are hard to handle especially when the three things I get are really heavy.
  4. Getting in and out of the parking lot.  It is a crazy madhouse of people trying to get the “best” spot.  So as soon as I make it into the lot I head for the farthest corner near a cart stall because the ginormous carts have to come with me to my car as I have 7 tons of dog food I have to heave into my car and the last thing I want to do is return a cart.  The only problem with parking so far away is the human game of Frogger you play trying to get to the front door with all the crazed people fighting for that perfect spot. Phew.
  5. The food sample stands.  Now I realize that this might be your favorite thing about Costco and I realize that you could feed your family for lunch just on the samples.  But what happens is lots of crazed people with oversized carts start fighting each other for that little square of frozen pizza or small cup of potato salad and the ugly just comes out.  And if you are me and just want to get your three things and get out they create a big obstacle course.  Yesterday I passed a deserted stand with a tray full these cut up frozen popsicle type bars so I grabbed one and popped it in my mouth to find myself with a mouth full of coconut.  Now if there is anything I hate more than Costco it is coconut.  So the food sample stands are staying as something I hate about Costco.
  6. The checkpoint Charlie at the exit.  I mean really??  You have to stand in line for some poor employee to try to ascertain that you indeed paid for the 17,000 things you have in your cart. Really the only thing you could steal between the checkout line and the door is a display for roofing and carpet cleaning.  I don’t think you need that final obstacle to get the heck out.

But then yesterday as I was leaving all grumpy with a horrible taste of coconut in my mouth the lady at checkpoint Charlie had to go and do this:


How dare she try to make my Costco, coconut induced grumpiness go away.

OK…it totally worked.

This is why I love people.  I was better after my encounter with her.

She must know my dad.

More Later





5 thoughts on “Costco and Coconut

  1. I get my 3 things (cottage cheese, trail mix, and frozen blueberries) usually on Monday or Tuesday evenings right before closing. Nobody there but the lovely employees. Checkpoint Charlie once discovered that I was missing an item in my cart that was on the receipt. Another time, I left a year’s supply of paper towels in the rack underneath the basket of my cart. I went back two weeks later with my receipt, they checked their log of found items, saw that the cart people(?) had reportedly found them on that night and replaced them for me cheerfully. Now that’s worth playing a little Frogger for! ;^)

  2. I like Costo but I try to go during the week when it is not so busy, but really, it is busy most of the time! We do get good deals on fruit.

  3. To my grand kids the happy face as they leave Costco is like the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. I have always wondered why Costco doesn’t have a express lane. I suppose they don’t want to encourage us to buy less just to get out faster.

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