1.  having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

I am a very humble person.  However, it seems by definition in order to admit you are humble you need to realize that you do have importance but are showing a modest estimate of it.

Technicalities, I know.

I really have a hard time looking at myself as anything but average.

When you leave behind people that you have known for a long time they have a tendency of taking that good-bye as an opportunity to tell you how they feel about you.  Sadly, we take the everyday for granted when expressing our appreciation for people but when we say good-bye it all comes out.

I have been overwhelmed at finding out how people have felt about me over the years.  Mostly my students.  I have received cards, letters, emails and text messages expressing to me how much I have touched the lives of the people I care the most about.  I have a hard time reading them.  I don’t see myself as they do and sometimes I am shocked to find out that really quiet kid in the corner felt about me the way that he did.

My dad always taught me that whenever you have an encounter with someone they should be better for it.  I watched him smile at everyone.  I watched him take the time to talk to people, I mean really talk to them.  I watched him open doors and lift boxes and give the shirt off his back.  I watched him help people reach items off high shelves, build decks, cook meals, sew dresses, and fix cars.  I even watched him chase after a runaway cart across a parking lot so it wouldn’t crash into a parked car.

He cared.

I care.

I care about each and every person I come in contact with.  I want their lives to be better not necessarily because of me but just better.  I want them to feel self worth, and a sense of belonging.  I want them to feel loved and cared for.  I want them to go out into the world and love and care.



2. lower someone in dignity or importance.

I had to go last night to register Bella, my daughter, for some summer school classes.  She wants to get her health class and computer class out of the way this summer so that she can take another elective her freshman year of high school.  This required me to sit in a room with a bazillion people and fill out a bazillion pieces of paper.  My demise started when I noticed that on the forms they had given me they had my daughter’s birthday as August 10 instead of August 3 and that she was born in Arizona not Arkansas.

now full disclosure it was MY mistake that her birthday was written down as August 10 because August 10 is her brother’s birthday and it might be that a few times in their lives I mix up their dates…whatever. The Arizona Arkansas mistake was them not knowing that AR is Arkansas not Arizona.  So we are at this point even.

However, when they were helping me sort through the birthday/birth state mistake I missed the part of the presentation that instructed me to sign and date each of the bazillion pages with not today’s date, like one would expect, but post date each page to 7/1/14.  So you can imagine my humiliation after standing in line for 20 minutes to have the paper work checked to have the really nice man tell me I did them all wrong and hand me a stack of another bazillion pieces of paper and tell me to start over and end up being the last person in the room trying to finish as they are breaking down the tables and putting the chairs away.  Thankfully Bella was there to keep it real.


On another note I did end up watching one or ten episodes of Once Upon a Time.  So here is the deal with me and TV.  In my life I can count on one hand the TV shows I have religiously watched.  When I was a kid it was The Love Boat (Fantasy Island was a little weird for me) and The Million Dollar Man (yeah I know not a very little girl kind of show, but I was also the little girl from Iowa that had posters of Tug McGraw and Phillies pennants up in my room…not the typical little girl).  Then there was my college days of Knots Landing and more recently Chuck (although I didn’t see that one through either).  I just don’t seem to have time for serial television.  Must be spending too much time being brilliant (wink wink).  I enjoy the idea of Netflix so I might just see this one to the end.

I also did slightly over cook the pot roast but not nearly as much of a disaster as the potato pancakes of yore.  I did finish laundry and put it all away.  So overall a pretty great day.

If you skip the part that required me to follow directions.

More Later,


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